Useful News Outlets:

I suggest students subscribe to these journals (normally these news outlets offer a student discount). They keep you updated about major global (financial) events and will help you develop research ideas. For those who will not pursue a career in finance and who cannot afford the subscription fees, BBC and Financial Times are alternatives.

Wall Street Journal; New York Times; Washington Post.


The followings are the programs I am listening to. One of my favorites is "The Financial Assassin" by Capitalisn’t hosted by Kate Waldock and Luigi Zingales. For those who are interested in becoming an excellent trader, this is a must-listen.

Capitalisn’t; Freakonomics Radio; Big Brains; ECONTALK; Probable Causation.

Useful Websites:

Check out these websites if you haven't yet. You will be amazed.

Our World in Data;

This website shows live map of reachable nodes in the Bitcoin network being crawled by a web crawler. It shows when and where Bitcoins are mined.

Coindesk is a website where you can track the prices of various block-chain-based digital currencies. It also offers various data on these currencies, sometimes at a cost.